Shihan Fujiwara
Enjoy this old footage of Shihan Fujiwara fights. He was a student of Mas Oyama and S. Oyama.

Speed Break

Watch as Sempai Jarod demonstrates a speed break for the class. 

This is one of the many things you will learn here at the Ultimate Martial Arts Academy.

Kanazawa Hirokazu performs Heian Shodan.

Kanazawa Hirokazu performs Heian Shodan.

Heian Shodan translates as, "Peaceful mind, first level." and is the first of the series of five Heian kata. It teaches the karateka to ground himself in strong stances. Thus it represents Earth. It is one of the most basic kata and is usually the first kata a karateka learns.

There is an emphasis on basic low blocks/strikes and stepping punch, moving through the center and building strong and low front stances, hammer fist technique and face blocks/strikes, including transitionally timed blocks and strikes, back stance knife hand block/strike, proper basic breathing and application of kiai. Hip rotation, vibration, shifting/thrusting, reconnection.

How to Practice Karate Punches in Kyokushin Karate

Learn daily hand exercises to develop your Kyokushin karate punching technique in this free martial arts training video from expert Kyokushin karate instructor Tony Capraro.